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About Us

Lovique Agentur was founded by Terry Lovique in 2006. The company was created, because many big agencys have a lack of interest for artists, who have not yet been discovered or have not launched onto the big market.

Our goal is the creation of a specific profile in the area of artist marketing, which is standing out from the competition in quality and effecience.

Lovique Agentur also specializes in creation of marketing concepts for stage artists. This includes:

  1. Creation of professional biographys of the artists in german and english
  2. Creation of professional websites, customized to the artistsĀ“ needs.
  3. Creation of press- and coverphotos
  4. Creation of demo-CDs
  5. Individual coverdesign
  6. Creation of professional videoclips

Another responsibility of Lovique Agentur is the professional creation of business concepts for musical show acts and other stage productions.


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